Import outsourcing

Scheme of work and prices

Import outsourcing consists in the implementation by us of an import transaction ‘on a turnkey basis’, including maintaining a foreign trade contract, foreign exchange control, foreign economic activity reporting; transaction support in the negotiation process, international transportation, customs declaration. Import outsourcing is also of interest to customers who already know which foreign supplier they want to purchase goods from. Often these customers already have prices and delivery terms agreed with the supplier. In this case, we enter the terms of the agreement into the foreign trade contract and we can proceed with the implementation of the import transaction. We do not charge money for the process of searching and selecting manufacturers, for building a ‘portion’ and ‘portfolio’ procurement system, as well as for analytical support of the economic and strategic feasibility of procurement. We consider such functions to be an integral part of our work for the high-quality organization of import transactions. We adhere to the principle of maximum transparency in our pricing policy. Therefore, in commercial offers, we try to describe in detail the price components of the import transaction for clarity.

The final cost of goods, as a rule, consists of the following main components:

  • Overseas factory price
  • Transportation cost
  • Import customs duty
  • VAT on imported goods
  • Permitting documentation
  • Our import outsourcing services

In general, the cost of our import outsourcing services depends on specific projects. On average, we estimate our work in the amount of 1 to 5% of the transaction amount, depending on labor intensity, total cost of goods, repeatability. The cost of some specific projects or projects with high labor intensity, for example, the import of spare parts, is negotiated separately. In any case, we want our clients to save and develop with us!