Import outsourcing

Development of an individual procurement system

We proceed from the assumption that each client may have their own specifics of work, and it is often difficult to provide an accurate forecast of position consumption for a long time, for example, a year in advance. Consumption may vary depending on seasonality, market conditions, etc. In this case, the definition and formation of the “portioning” of supplies has a direct impact on ensuring efficient production, sales, and, accordingly, profit.

In addition, the risks associated with the supply of goods depend on how the client has formed a ‘portfolio’ of purchases, in which, on the one hand, the role of each purchased item or corresponding group is determined, and on the other hand, a strategy for cooperation with suppliers for a specific commodity item or group.

We are proud that we are able to most effectively build the “portion” and “portfolio” of supplies. In this we are assisted by many years of experience working with a wide range of products, as well as the accreditation of our employees by the leading European Institute for Purchasing and Supply CIPS.