Import outsourcing

Export services

Exporting goods abroad is considered one of the most effective ways to increase profits, turnover and enter new sales markets. However, Russian-made goods may not always correspond to consumer preferences in a particular foreign market. Therefore, for exporting, the process of preparing the exporter and his goods is first required.

For our clients, we conduct a preliminary analysis of the marketing environment in a number of countries, the main requirements (directives) for goods and manufacturers, and identify possible competitive advantages of the exporter’s product.

FAY company solves the following strategic and practical export tasks:

  • Analysis of foreign markets;
  • Preparing the company for export;
  • Preparing goods for export;
  • Promotion in foreign markets;
  • Implementation of the export deal.

Preparation of the company and goods for export

First of all, we always try to determine, together with the client, the range of goods for export. At the same time, the specialists of the FAY company are developing an export catalog of the exporter’s goods in foreign languages ​​(primarily in English). The translation of the key sections of the manufacturer’s website into foreign languages ​​is being carried out.

Having decided on the nomenclature of goods, export commercial proposals are drawn up, including the study of packing lists for bulk lots by containers or trucks, a description of the exporter’s production potential.

Given the certain ‘procedural’ of a number of foreign markets, it is necessary to carry out international certification of goods, for example, CE certification for compliance with European regulations. In addition, in a number of export strategies, it is important to carry out international certification of quality management at an enterprise according to the ISO 9001 system, etc. FAY cooperates with a number of accredited international centers for certification of products and quality systems of enterprises.

Promotion of products to the foreign market

FAY specialists have developed the following set of measures to promote client’s goods to foreign markets:

Direct sales. As part of export promotion, we carry out a number of targeted inquiries by e-mail, through calls to potential buyers, and facilitate direct participation in tenders. In direct sales, FAY acts as an export dealer of the manufacturer.

Connections with the business community. Success in promoting products accompanies firms that have managed to create a positive image for themselves by creating and maintaining good relationships with the business community. The FAY company registers the exporter and his goods on general and industry b2b platforms and databases (a number of international and national portals). We help the exporting company to join international trade associations and maintain business relationships. Often, such registrations are even free!

Internet promotion. The FAY company is developing a strategy for promoting the site of the exporter-manufacturer and goods in international search engines. Internet promotion options depend on the range of goods, the competitiveness of the sector, and the target audience of exports.

Points of contact. We believe that personal communication in a business environment is paramount! FAY organizes a visit or invitation of a foreign client for the negotiation process and the conclusion of important transactions. We also help the exporter to choose key and effective international exhibitions and organize participation.

Export implementation

The FAY company provides ‘turnkey’ export services, i.e. maintaining a full range of services related to an export transaction: maintaining a foreign trade contract, maintaining currency control documents, customs declaration of exports, organizing international transportation.

Acquired benefits from exports

While preparing for export takes time and costs, the exporter gains a number of strong competitive advantages. We have formulated the main export benefit points as follows:

  • Expansion of sales markets beyond the regional and federal levels
  • Improving the company’s marketing image by bringing products and processes to international standards.
  • Stimulating innovation by entering the level of international competition.
  • Earlier identification of market trends
  • Strengthening positions in the domestic market

Ultimately, these benefits help the company increase its bottom line.

We believe in the strong export potential of Russian companies and we will help you!