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Capillary thermostat

A reliable device for monitoring the maintenance of a set temperature for household and industrial equipment.
The thermostat is energy-independent and ensures safe operation of heating devices


The thermostat regulates the heating element operation. After turning on, the device is heated to the set temperature. If the threshold value is exceeded, the thermostat opens the electrical circuit and the heating stops. When the temperature drops, the device resumes heating.
Capillary thermostats are used in the production of heating equipment:

  • Heat guns
  • Water heaters
  • Heating boilers
  • Ovens and roasters
  • Electric and gas stoves
  • Heating devices and air conditioners
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Research equipment


The operating temperature range depends on the capillary geometry and the liquid sensor volume.

  • Temperature control range: -35…+320 °C
  • Temperature measurement error is 3-4°
  • Rated current and voltage: 10A-400VAC / 16A-250VAC
  • Operating life: 100,000 cycles
  • Sensor material: copper, stainless steel
  • Sensor diameter: 3, 4, 5mm
  • Capillary material: copper, stainless steel
  • Capillary length: 300-3,000mm (standard 1,000mm)

The rim, adjustment knobs, and fasteners are supplied as options


A capillary thermostat consists of a control unit, a liquid temperature sensor, and a capillary tube.
When the sealed sensor body is heated, the working fluid expands and presses through the capillary tube on the control unit membrane.
The pressure on the membrane is proportional to the temperature. When the threshold value is reached, the control unit turns off the heater


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