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Condensate drain EHC

Flexible cable for heating of condensate tray drain, pipes, and equipment.
The maximum operating temperature is 200⁰C.


It is used for heating drains of trays where condensate accumulates. The condensate drain EHC is inserted inside the tube and used during thawing cycles.

Cables with a single outlet are used for heating ball valves, pipes, doorways, and building structures. The heating cable is easily wrapped around hard-to-reach areas and is suitable for heating complex pieces.

The heating cables are used for heating of:

  • Condensate trays
  • Evaporators
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Doorways of cooling chambers
  • Pipes and valves (anti-freezing)
  • Electric motors of fans and pumps
  • Roofs, drains, ramps (anti-icing and protection from snow accumulation)
  • Underfloor heating
  • Greenhouses, aquariums, terrariums
  • Incubators
  • Sterilizers
  • Containers for cosmetics, food


The standard cross-section of condensate drain EHC is 6.5×4.5mm. The cable with a diameter of 3.5mm is available for applications that require increased flexibility.
The drain EHC capacity depends on the material of the tube. For plastic pipes, it should not exceed 40 W/m.
The product is delivered in pieces. The length of the cable with a single outlet is agreed upon request.


The heating element of the drain EHC is a resistive wire wound between two conducting cores. The phase and neutral wires are covered with a protective silicone/PVC sheath.

A cable with a single outlet has hot and cold sections. Their length is a multiple of 500mm and can be adjusted depending on the drain geometry.

The load is uniformly distributed along the cable length. The heat output of the drain EHC depends on the current flowing and the heating section length. The hot section is located in a zone that requires thawing. The feed section of the drain EHC is not heated.

The cable external insulation is protected with a braided metal mesh. It serves as a ground connection and improves heat distribution in the cable section.






Operating voltage


Specific power




Sheath material
5.5 0.1-50m 12-400 15 -40..100 PVC
5.5 0.1-50m 12-230 60 -40..200 Silicone


  • Specific power: 15-60W/m
  • Operating voltage: 12-400V
  • Operating temperature: -40..200⁰C
  • Cable diameter: 5.5mm
  • Metal braid: on request


To select a suitable model of a condensate drain EHC, please, leave a request to our specialist. In the request, describe the task that you need to solve.