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Filter-dehumidifier (zeolite cartridge)

A component for removal of moisture and particles from the refrigerant. Copper cartridges with a diameter of 16-30mm, filled with varied volumes of sorbent. Solder joint.


The filter-dehumidifiers are used to remove moisture from the working circuits of refrigeration units. The dehumidifier is installed between the condenser and the capillary tube of the liquid line.

The component filters the refrigerant from particles and dust, thus preventing clogging of the pipes with solid particles and protecting the compressor

Filter-dehumidifiers are used in:

  • Refrigerating/freezing chambers
  • Refrigerated display cases
  • Conditioners
  • Household refrigerators

The component prevents the ice formation and penetration of contamination into the cooling circuit, which can cause corrosion of metal components of the system, destruction of the refrigerant, and compressor failure.

The filter-dehumidifiers are available in various diameters. The inlet and outlet openings can be single-way or multi-way.


Copper filter-dehumidifiers are used in refrigeration units with unidirectional movement of the refrigerant. The component removes solid and liquid impurities from the refrigerant.

Models vary in the geometric dimensions of the copper cartridge and the inlet and outlet opening diameters. The copper wall thickness is 0.5mm.

The volume of the loaded sorbent (zeolite) varies depending on the cooling circuit capacity and the refrigerant. The filter-dehumidifier openings are protected with plastic plugs.

  • Weight of the zeolite filling (g): 10-50
  • Filtration rating: 100μm
  • Diameter (mm): 16-30
  • Length (mm): 90-170
  • Connection type: soldering
  • Copper housing thickness (mm): 0.5
  • The inlet and outlet openings are protected with plastic plugs
  •  Compatible with HCFCs, HFCs, CFCs of refrigeration units
  • Temperature (°C): -30…+80
  • Pressure (MPa): 4.2


The filter-dehumidifier consists of a copper cartridge (90-170mm long, 16-30mm in diameter) with an inlet and outlet openings.

Inside the cartridge tube, a sorbent is filled in between the filter meshes. The large inlet mesh prevents the zeolite from being carried away and entering the condenser. The fine outlet mesh removes solid particles from the refrigerant. The installation direction is indicated by an arrow on the housing.

The sorbent usually consists of synthetic zeolite (NaA) granules of 1-3mm.

The filter-dehumidifier is not repairable. In case of failure, the component is replaced completely. Capillary tubes may need to be cleaned or replaced as necessary.

The filter-dehumidifier replacement procedure consists of 3 steps:

  • Dismantling the old dehumidifier and cleaning the soldering points
  • Soldering of the new filter-dehumidifier and air bleeding
  • Refrigerant injection and circuit sealing


Grade Diameter, mm Weight, g Inlet, mm Outlet, mm
FY-16(10)-6/2 16 10 6 2
FY-19(15)-6/5 19 15 6 5
FY-19(15)-5/2 19 15 5 2
FY-19(15)-6/2 19 15 6 2
FY-19(20)-6/2 19 20 6 2
FY-24(25) -6/6 24 25 6 6
FY-24(25) -6/2 24 25 6 2
FY-24(30) -6/6 24 30 6 6
FY-24(30) -6/2 24 30 6 2
FY-24(35) -6/6 24 35 6 6
FY-24(35) -6/2 24 35 6 2
FY-24(40) -6/6 24 40 6 6
FY-24(40) -6/2 24 40 6 2
FY-24(40) -8/8 24 40 8 8
FY-30(50) -6/8 30 50 8 8
FY-30(50) -6/6 30 50 6 6
FY-30(50) -6/2 30 50 6 2


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