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Mica (micanite) heater

Electric device for heating moving air. Suitable for heat curtains and heat guns. The heaters are used in industrial and household heating devices.


Mica (micanite) heaters are used as radiators for heating devices operating in a moving air environment.
Micanite is a pressed dielectric material made of mica with additives. It can withstand a temperature of 350-400 °C, which allows it to be used in devices for heating moving air.
The key advantage of the micanite heaters is low weight, compact size, and high heat transfer. The mica heaters have a heat power density of 8-9.5W/cm2. The mica heaters are used for the production of:

  • Heat curtains
  • Heat guns
  • Convection heaters (industrial and domestic)


  • Power: 0.75-3.0kW
  • Specific power: 8.5-9.5 W/cm2
  • Operating voltage: 100-230V
  • Spiral material: Ni80Cr20 / OCr25Al5A
  • Insulator material: muscovite / phlogopite
  • Geometry: on request
  • Thermal protection: on request


The heat sources in micanite heaters are resistive metal spirals. Metal threads are made of heat-resistant alloys. The threads are wound on mica plates.
The heat from the spirals is transferred to the mica plates and then to the medium. Air is heated as a result of convection and thermal radiation of mica plates. Flat double-sided elements of the heater provide increased heat transfer.


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