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Self-regulating cartridge heater (PTC)

Electric device for condensate evaporation and equipment defrosting. Manufactured in the form of sealed cylinders.
The amount of heat generated by the cartridge depends on the ambient temperature.


Self-regulating heaters are used for condensate evaporation and heating of frozen areas.

Cartridges are used for heating of:

  • Condensate collecting trays
  • Vaporizer baths
  • Industrial refrigerators
  • Medical equipment
  • Stamping equipment
  • Household electrical appliances (coffee machines, ice cream machines)
  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Compressor oil sump heaters
  • Radiators

The use of a self-regulating cartridge is safe. Even if all the liquid evaporates from the tray, the element power will decrease to the minimum value and heating will almost stop. There is no risk of damage to the tray or heater.

No additional protective devices are required for operation.


  • Power: 50-900W
  • Evaporation rate: 0.1-0.65l/h
  • Cartridge diameter: 12.0-12.2mm
  • Cartridge length: 100-1000mm
  • Cable length: 200mm
  • Fitting diameter: 3/4‘


The operation principle of cartridges differs from traditional tubular electric elements or resistive cable, in which heat is released as a result of heating a metal spiral.
The heat-releasing material of self-regulating cartridges is special thermistor ceramics. Its resistance increases with increasing temperature and reaches a maximum at the Curie temperature. The threshold temperature depends on the chemical nature of the ceramic used.
The cartridge heating is limited to the Curie point, above which the heating almost stops. When the PTC cartridge works, the amount of heat required to evaporate the liquid or thaw the frozen area is released.
Additional heater temperature control systems and overheating protection are not required.
Due to their unique properties, PTC cartridge heating elements can be used both completely submerged in liquid and in the open air.

To be used as a condensate evaporator, the cartridge must be placed as close to the container bottom as possible. A hole with a diameter of 17mm must be made in the body. The cartridge is fixed to a 3/8″ brass fitting and secured with a nut with a sealing gasket.


Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Power (W) Evaporation rate (kg/hour) Power at 20⁰C, submerged in water (W) Power in air (W)
120 12 110 0.12 110±10 ~10
180 12 230 0.21 230±20 ~20
240 12 330 0.30 330±30 ~30

The standard cable length is 1,500mm Custom-made cartridges 100 to 1000mm in length, with a power of 50-900 Watts are available.


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