Import outsourcing

Standard cargo palletizer (stretch film)

Equipment for wrapping pallets with stretch film. Machines for loads up to 2,000kg of various sizes.

Semi-automatic machines and packaging lines


Equipment for packaging products on pallets. The palletizer wraps a stretch film around the products.

An elastic film secures products for storage and transportation. A thin plastic film sticks during winding and forms a dense plastic cover that protects the contents from moisture and dust.

The equipment is used for packing pallets loaded with:

  • Bags of bulky materials
  • Boxes, cans, and cans
  • Modular cargo
  • Equipment

The range of pallet packers includes semi-automatic machines and automatic packaging lines.

High-speed versions quickly pack finished products even in conditions of intensive production and warehouse processes.


Pallet packers have a similar design. The differences between the machines are in the winding speed, the permissible weight and geometry of loads, and a set of automatic functions.

Packers can wrap in film loads weighing from 80 to 2,000kg. Standard cargo height is 2.4m, platform diameter is 1.5-2.0m. Packers with a maximum load height of 3.4m can be manufactured to order.

The equipment has a soft start/stop function. Some machines are equipped with a film pre-stretching device.

Pallet packers for fragile goods work at low speed of winding and stretching of the film.

For the convenience of loading the pallet on the working platform of the packer, a cutout or steps are made in the pallet.

Some machines are equipped with a pneumatic clamping device that prevents spillage of bulky cargo during packaging.


The pallet packer consists of a stretch film attachment unit, a rotating platform, and a control system.

During the packaging process, the platform with the load turns around its axis, and the stretch film web moves vertically.

The cargo packaging consists of the following steps:

  • The pallet with the load is placed on the working platform
  • The stretch film web is tied to the pallet corner
  • The platform with the load rotates and stretch film wraps around the platform
  • The film web moves vertically from bottom to top and back
  • As a result, the load is wrapped in a double layer of film. The film is cut off and the load is removed from the platform

The rotation speed, film tension and length, and other parameters are preset by the program.